Here’s How Much Water You Should Drink Every Day, According to Dr. Andrew Huberman

And a neat tool to easily calculate it for you

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Water is our body’s most essential nutrient, and we’re pretty good at drinking it so that we don’t, you know, die.

But, the average person (myself included) sucks when it comes to knowing how to hydrate effectively for health, cellular function, and performance.

The problem isn’t lack of quality data. It’s information overload. Everyone’s eager to share their opinion on how much water you should be drinking, which has diluted the internet with a whole slew of confusing, conflicting information.

Dr. Andrew Huberman, host and creator of The Huberman Lab podcast, solved this with one of his more recent episodes: How to Optimize Your Water Quality & Intake for Health. The entire podcast is a treasure trove of awesome information and worth the listen. But, to make things easy, I’ve extracted and condensed the “how much water to drink” segment so that you can digest it and quickly put it to use.

I’ve also got a neat little surprise at the end that I think you’ll find useful.

Note that this is a highly-condensed version of Huberman’s very detailed conversation on how much water to drink. If you want the science, studies and all the dirty details, listen to the episode and check out the links on his site. He explains it better than I ever could.

Why Is Knowing How Much Water to Drink So Important?

I’m an average guy. I don’t need a deep understanding of organic chemistry or how drinking water affects me at the molecular level. These three things, however, are nuggets of information that I think are worth highlighting:

💦 Slight dehydration (even just 2%) negatively impacts brain and body function

This includes everything from strength, endurance, memory, and focus, to creative thinking. It’s also been known to induce brain fog. There are MANY studies that confirm this. Hydrating properly staves off these effects while increasing physical vigor and output.

💦 You may be…



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