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  • Leo Serafico

    Leo Serafico

    You’ll find that thing you like | https://leoserafico.medium.com/membership | @leoserafico on IG

  • Victor Mong

    Victor Mong

    8x Top Writer | I write life advice that is science-based and pragmatic. Get in touch: info.victormong@gmail.com

  • Patricia Vilchez

    Patricia Vilchez

    I am a foreign young woman living and dating in Paris, sharing my experiences and some life lessons advice I pattu.v01@gmail.com

  • Heather Viger

    Heather Viger

    Articles on fashion, parenting and being human. Author of Style Sense. Bylines in PKA Advocate. Contributing writer for multiple publications.

  • Lee Bidoski

    Lee Bidoski

    I’m a psychology professor trying to understand and improve our lives. Relationships | Careers | Health | Parenting | Sports | Law Enforcement | Military

  • Burk


    Hi. I’m Burk. I write on Medium & design digital products. Get my FREE Medium newsletter → http://masterminds.byburk.net

  • Dylan T.

    Dylan T.

    Teaching you how to start + grow + monetize a newsletter — as I share how I’m doing it. https://www.growthcurrency.net

  • Doran Lamb

    Doran Lamb

    Top Writer in Mental Health + Psychology + Love. Acute observer of the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. https://doranlamb.medium.com/membership

  • Mark Manson

    Mark Manson

    Author of #1 NYTimes Bestseller ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’. OG Blogger. Psychology Nerd. I enjoy cats and whiskey. But not at the same time.

  • Kristen Walters

    Kristen Walters

    Attorney with a dozen side hustles — documenting my solopreneur journey and sharing ideas.

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