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One cold, early morning in late January 2018, I woke at 5:30 to let my new puppy relieve himself.

While he did his business, I brewed a pot of coffee then opened my laptop to start writing. About an hour later, I had written a draft of an article that would forever change my views on what was possible writing online.

That evening, I spent another 10 to 15 minutes editing the article before submitting it to The Mission as a freebie (not behind Medium’s paywall) to the world.

I settled on the title, “The 50/30/10/10 Rule for How to…

If you can learn these earlier, you’ll be WAY better off.

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Life is full of lessons.

The longer you live, the more you (hopefully) learn.

Here are some fundamental lessons that took me until 30 to fully understand.

1. Acquire knowledge not stuff

Stuff weighs you down. Knowledge sets you free.

I used to spend a lot of money on cars, expensive phones, and other electronics.

Now, I spend it on books and online courses, which are far less expensive (saving money is wonderful), and they expand my overall knowledge, helping me to earn even more money in the future.

2. You are your best investment

401(k)’s, IRAs, Tesla, and Bitcoin are all great investments (as of today). …

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I am not a morning person whatsoever.

Late last year, I began waking up at 5:30 AM to write for an hour then drive to work at an engineering firm. It was the hardest fucking thing I had done in a long time. But I did it.

And you know what?

I bet you could too.

Imagine how much better your day would be if you accomplished your hardest, most important work first thing in the morning. The rest of your day would be a breeze. …

You need to learn these skills

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

People are obsessed with hard skills and think they’re required to succeed in business.

We all know at least one person (maybe even you) who’s thought:

“Man, I could make bank if I knew how to code.”

But let’s pull that string a little further. Let’s say you learned how to code and are now looking to build your own program. You quickly realize that there’s a whole lot more to building and selling your own code than writing it.

You need to test it, gather feedback, adapt it, promote it, sell it, scale it, among many others. You can’t…

Do these every day and you can’t lose

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Daily routines aren’t attractive, but it’s hard to argue with their results.

Throughout my 5+ years writing online, I’ve found that these 7 daily actions are the highest-value actions any writer can do that lead to:

  • More ideas
  • Better writing
  • Greater output
  • A happier life

Here they are:


First, the obvious. Writing every day has to be a staple. It’s the best way to improve your skills, build your identity as a writer, and foster creativity. …

How I turned my life around when I needed to most

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

When I was 20 and in college, there’s one night that I remember most (even more than losing my virginity).

It was the night I had a head-in-my-hands meltdown, kneeling over my bed, while my friends were out drinking at a house party.

I had spent the previous 3 years dealing with anxiety. But here’s the thing.

Nobody knew. Not even me.

Over those years, I had countless doctor appointments, therapy sessions, and “something is wrong with me” rants to my mom. All leading to more questions than answers.

Not wanting to feel my emotions and the accompanying physical pains…

It may or may not be for you

“californication” by mobu26 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

So you’re thinking about becoming a writer, huh?

Before you get too far along, I thought it’d be a good idea to set some initial expectations, debunk a few common myths, and get your head in the right place. That way, you won’t be thinking about your future life as the next Hank Moody and instead, you’ll be more aware of what you’re actually getting into.

Let’s hit it:

1. Writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme

In fact, it’s about as far on the opposite spectrum as you can imagine.

While it’s definitely possible to make lots of money from writing, it’s also entirely possible that you…

Yes, seriously

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

There I was (again), lying in bed at 11 am on a Saturday morning.

I rolled over to look at my girlfriend next to me. Same situation. Our bellies craved food and coffee, but neither of us with the will to get out of bed. The Friday-Night-Out Express had run us right the hell over.

That day I didn’t do squat for my job or online business. I spent it being lazy with the woman, binging TV shows, and devouring Waffle House a la Uber Eats.

Fast forward to Sunday night. I wasn’t dreading the morning or wishing for a…

Setting up your writing habit for success

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The hardest part for any new writer is feeling like you have nothing to write about.

To write, you need ideas.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t have any ideas!”


You have all the ideas you need in that pretty little head of yours. And if not, you definitely consume enough content on a daily basis to easily generate some new ones. You just need to write them down and refine them so that you can make use of them.

Let’s get you set up with your own Idea Notebook and on the way towards building…

All the magic happens if you can just stay in the game long enough

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

“Stay in the game.”

That’s become my motto for working out as I’ve gotten older and more susceptible to injury. As long as I’m in the game, I can keep growing, making progress, and kicking ass. The second I hurt myself, I’m forced to watch from the sidelines.

I’ve found that the same motto applies to hobbyists, professional ladder climbers, and especially entrepreneurs. “Stay in the game” means avoiding burnout — a major roadblock to achieving goals.

If you can learn how to effectively avoid burnout, you can do some awesome stuff.

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